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Voice-over services & benefits

Medical & Technical

I’m adept at speaking about medical and life science terminology with an air of clarity and warmth. 

Unique Characters

I’ll work with you to come up with fleshed out and unique character voices to bring your ideas to life.


In the crowded world of apps, you need to make your app stand out from the others. Voice-over can do that for your apps!

Video Game Characters

Fun, interesting and unique character voices will enhance your games. 

Promos & Teasers

Adding voice-over to a promo is a great way to build excitement and get info out about what is coming next.


I can perform a variety of accents that range from pretty convincing, to kind of comedic. Which is right for your project?

Fast Turnaround

I’m experienced, professional and very easy to work with. Or so people say. Who am I to disagree?

Scratch Tracks

When you just need to get some audio recorded to get a feel for the pace and timing of a piece, a quick scratch track can really help.


My voice has been used with clients both big and small.

About Sean

Aside from voice acting, I also work as a motion graphics artist. I really enjoy animation, design, and creative direction as well as just experimenting with different visual styles and techniques. I’m also kept quite busy raising a goofy little girl with my awesome wife and our two cats. Though truth be told the cats don’t help much with the kid. My passion for voice acting stems from a love of animation (like Futurama, Home Movies as well as the original Rocky & Bullwinkle) as well as really good character driven video games (like Borderlands).

Let’s Talk!
Or better yet, give me a script and i’ll do the talking!

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