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Sean Siegler has a voice that spans genres and delivers authentic work that can capture audiences.  Professionally trained at Voice One in San Francisco, his versatile voice can embody a wide variety of genres to meet your voice-over needs.

Passionate about the craft and always bringing a positive attitude, Sean’s voice embodies a friendly warmth that can transform from guy next door and dad vibes to a smooth, vibrant delivery to match your brand’s tone and energy. With a fully-equipped, high-quality home studio, Sean is available to work with clients from just about anywhere with swift turnarounds.

If you’re looking for reliable talent with texture, authentic feeling, plus a great personality that makes projects run smoothly, Sean is your guy.


Based in Portland, Oregon, Sean Siegler is a passionate creative who is also a motion graphics artist in addition to voice acting. He’s a husband, father, and cat-dad, raising a goofy little girl with his amazing wife. His passion for voice acting stems from a love of animation (Futurama, Home Movies, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Ren & Stimpy, Looney Tunes) as well as really good character-driven video games (Borderlands, Tales of The Walking Dead, Psychonauts). Sean absolutely loves getting lost in a character’s voice!

In addition to transforming his voice, he enjoys animation, motion design, and creative direction as well as exploring different visual styles and techniques (see more at For many years, back in another life, he was a VJ and would project and mix original video creations for various DJs and bands.


  • CAD Equitek E100S Supercardioid Condenser Microphone
  • Stellar X2 Large Capsule Condenser Microphone
  • Audient iD14 Audio Interface
  • Adobe Audition
  • Custom Sound Isolation Booth
  • Polk Audio 45b Monitors
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Voiceover talent can breathe new life into your brand, helping to support brand goals, improving visibility, and giving credibility and humanity to your story. Whether it’s a product demonstration, video game or animation character, and or a TV spot, a unique voice that captures all the emotion, texture, and tone you’re looking for can make all the difference.

Sean Siegler is a gifted voice actor, ready to bring his warm, authentic, and friendly nature to your project. Just a few of the areas he voices include Health & Medical Narration, Educational & eLearning, Mobile Apps, Animation, Video Games, Promos, Teasers, and even scratch tracks to help time out your animations and edits.

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