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I’m Sean Siegler, a voice actor based in Portland, Oregon, professionally trained at Voice One in San Francisco.
My voice is versatile, positive, full of character, texture, and capable for almost any genre for your voice-over needs.

With a high quality and fully equipped home studio, I am available to work with clients from just about anywhere. I’m easy to work with and love what I do and will use my creativity and authentic voice to help you tell your story.


In addition to voice acting, I’m also a motion graphics artist. I really enjoy animation, design, and creative direction as well as just experimenting with different visual styles and techniques. For many years, back in another life, I was a VJ and would project and mix original video creations for various DJ’s and bands.

I’m also kept quite busy raising a goofy little girl with my awesome wife and our loveable cat Lentil. Though truth be told the cat is really annoying at night when we are all trying to sleep, but what are ya gonna do?

My passion for voice acting stems from a love of animation (Futurama, Home Movies, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Ren & Stimpy, Looney Tunes) as well as really good character-driven video games (Borderlands, Tales of The Walking Dead, Psychonauts). I absolutely love getting lost in a characters voice!


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A unique voice that promotes your business and products and demonstrates how your company works can improve your visibility and make a difference in your sales.
When you hire voice talent you can breathe life and humanity into your brand.
By choosing a talented voice actor like Sean Siegler you’ll get a warm, friendly and authentic voice.

If you have characters for video games and animations, Sean can provide depth of emotion, texture, insight, improvisation, and a multitude of creative choices to bring these characters to life.

Some of the areas I voice are Health & Medical, Educational, Mobile Apps, Animation, Video Games, Promos, Teasers and even scratch tracks to help time out your animations and edits.

If you’d like to work with me, please get in touch!